A Simple Spread for Creativity

Hi all, it's Annie.  I illustrated the Spacious Tarot deck and Expansion pack, and now that these two decks are out in the world, my creative soul needs some nourishment.

So, why not use tarot to create a space for some intentional creativity?

You can use any deck here, but I'm going to use my copy of the Spacious Tarot deck, which in shuffled with my Expansion pack cards, as well as another deck I love, called Postcards From Liminal Space.  The spread looks as follows:

My replenishment, my release, my reward, and my wand.

My Replenishment

Sometimes after a loooong creative project, my body is literally worn out.  This card is a place holder for getting back in touch with the physical, the practical, and finding nourishment. 

What will help me replenish my creativity and soothe my nervous system?

My Release

If we are holding on to an idea or an outcome, now is the time to let it go.  There could be a lot here, and it could be subtle.  I find releasing is a huge step toward healing and moving forward.  As they say, "When you say No, you're saying Yes to something else."

What needs to release so I can move into this next phase and create from that space?

My Reward

Gratitude goes a long way to lighting up our souls with joy and appreciation.  Maybe you can focus on what you've accomplished, or set yourself up for an artist play date, massage, or a special trip in the near future.  Find out a way to reward yourself for all you've accomplished.

How am I already rewarded by others, and how can I reward myself with an act of self love?

My Wand

I like to dig into the mystical and get to know my inner wand, cups, and other magical tools.  This card will share an insight to your creative power and what is possibly down the road.  It's a great talisman and reminder when you start that next big creative project.

What is my wand- my unique creative prowess?


I hope you enjoyed this spread.  Feel free to share your spread on the socials!  You can always tag us @thespacioustarot