We endeavour to answer your frequently asked questions on this page. If there’s anything you feel we haven’t answered, please get in touch with us.

Purchasing, Shipping & Fulfillment

Does the deck ship worldwide?
We do ship worldwide! Shipping rates are calculated in real time during the checkout process.
What are the terms for wholesale orders?
If you’re interested in stocking the deck in your shop, please email admin@thespacioustarot.com and we’ll get back to you with all the info.

Deck Specs

What is different in the second edition?
The second edition – which is the version available to purchase right now – is very similar to the first. Read about the small changes to the new edition here.
What is the card stock like?
350 gsm with a matte finish. In other words, thick enough to hold up to handling, but not too thick to shuffle!
How big are the cards?
70x112mm – slightly smaller than standard tarot cards which are typically 70x121mm.
What is the box like?
One piece, rigid with a matte finish. Lid flips open like a book.
Does the deck come with a guidebook?
Yes, the 137 page guidebook will be in the box with the cards.


I saw the Spacious Tarot listed on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay etc, is this legit?
NO! Unfortunately, plagiarism is a big issue for tarot deck creators, especially indie deck creators like us. Any version of the deck you see on the sites listed above is a lower quality, plagiarized item. Whenever you buy tarot decks, supporting deck creators directly is best.
How can I recognize a plagiarized tarot deck?
Fake versions of the Spacious Tarot will typically be listed at a much lower price point, reflecting their lower quality. They come in a tuck box as opposed to the sturdy clamshell box of the authentic deck. Another red flag: plagiarized decks usually don’t include a guidebook, any item asking you to scan a QR code to access a guidebook is plagiarized.
Why does the official Spacious Tarot deck have a different price point than plagiarized versions?
We took care to select a printer with a reputation for high quality products and fair business practices to produce our authentic decks. As with most items, official tarot decks are higher quality than dupes. Indie decks also costs more than mass market (aka traditionally published) tarot decks as we don’t have the backing of a large printing house. The average range for indie tarot decks is around $40-70 USD. Thank you for supporting small creators!