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Welcome to this Space

The Spacious Tarot is more than a deck of cards. It is an energetic realm, beckoning you to enter and explore.

The deck features earthy, nature based illustrations, as well as more mystical and cosmic elements. Immerse yourself in the colors and textures, and embrace the wisdom available to you here.

About the Creators

The Spacious Tarot is a collaboration between Annie Ruygt and Carrie Mallon.

Annie is an artist whose work explores dreams and creativy. Carrie is a tarot reader whose work explores where the spiritual meets the psychological. Their energies combined to create the magical alchemy from which the Spacious Tarot emerged.

We met via Instagram and bonded over our shared love of tarot and the band Hanson. 

Carrie had been secretly fantasizing about creating a deck with Annie. When Annie reached out to Carrie with the same idea, it was clear the universe really wanted this collaboration to happen!

Annie’s gift for art paired perfectly with Carrie’s connection to tarot.

We began working on the deck in September 2016. The concepts and style emerged organically and at their own pace.

After years of both setbacks and triumphs, we’re now almost ready to get this deck in your hands. This project has truly been a labor of love.

We can’t wait to share The Spacious Tarot with you!

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