Intuition and Play (Expansion Pack lesson six)

Hello dear ones, and welcome to the final lesson in our little Expansion Pack email course!

In the lessons we’ve shared previously, we focused a lot on self-discovery, spirituality, and other such Very Serious & Important Things. Which is fantastic! But we also want to highlight that even serious inner work can be joyful. So today, we’re sharing some thoughts on beaming in more intuition and play into your time with the cards.

In today’s lesson you’ll learn:

  • What intuition actually is
  • Tips on creating your own rituals for activating intuition
  • Some playful approaches to try with your cards

What is intuition?

The terms psychic and intuitive are sometimes used interchangeably among card readers, so it’s important to start by clarifying that these are actually two different things. Mary K Greer provides the following definitions:

Psychic is usually described as ‘extra sensory perception.’ It accesses information beyond the reach of our normal senses. Thus, it is deemed paranormal; a sixth sense.

Intuition, on the other hand, is the completely normal functioning of human cognition. It is part of a bodily survival mechanism. It has been called gut feeling, a hunch, instinct or insight. It involves intelligence at work without conscious thought.”



This affirms that every human being, including YOU, is intuitive. Some folks may identify as intuitive AND psychic. But you do not need to have extrasensory perceptions to gleam powerful messages from your cards.

Engage in sensory rituals

We’ve established that everyone is intuitive. But that doesn’t mean it is always easy to access your intuition. Even those of us who embrace our intuitive nature might at times feel disconnected from this part of ourselves. 

Making space for your intuition is a lifelong process and is deeply personal to each individual. Many folks find that engaging in rituals can coax forward their intuitive nature. To create your own rituals, begin by asking what sensory factors make you feel spacious, intuitive, calm and centered.

For example: are there certain scents that inspire you? Is there a particular blanket that makes you feel cozy and safe? Perhaps you have a favorite playlist that brings you into a different state of awareness? 

Try completing a ritual before pulling cards for yourself. And remember, it doesn’t have to be anything complicated! A ritual can be as simple as lighting a candle, enjoying some herbal tea, getting cozy in your physical space. Such small sensory gestures, especially when you do them repeatedly, let your intuition know it is time to come out to play.

This is the perfect opportunity for us to share something we’ve been quietly working on for many months which is now available in our shop: a Spaciousness loose leaf herbal tea blend.



We had the honor of partnering with Sovereignty Herbs to create this artisanally crafted, limited batch tea blend.

Specifically designed to accompany the vibes of the Spacious Tarot + Expansion Pack and with herbs sourced from American farms, our Spaciousness tea is composed of:

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Tea is the perfect example of a sensory ritual. Your eyes take in the beautiful loose leaf herbs. Your fingertips brush the leaves, stems and flowers. You inhale the aroma before + after infusing the herbs in hot water. And of course, the subtle flavors mingle on your tongue as you sip.

Rather it is incorporating tea or something else entirely, let yourself experiment with ritual and see how it expands and amplifies your intuition.


Playful approaches to try with your cards

There’s a sentiment that has echoed throughout every lesson we’ve shared in this series: make the cards your own! Here’s just a couple ways you can be more playful with your Expansion Pack (and tarot deck, too).

Inner child interpretation

Pull a card, either at random or by looking through the cards face-up and choosing one you’re drawn to. Set aside what you already know about this card and look at it through the lens of your inner child. Your inner child is many things, but in this context it is the part of you that isn’t afraid to be silly and irreverent. What does your inner child have to say about the card?

As a bonus, you could try this with any actual children in your life if they’re curious about the cards. Let them select a card and ask them to tell you about it.

Wrong answers only

One of the biggest trip ups many tarot readers face is the fear of getting the “wrong” message from a reading. You pull a card, discern a message and then immediately think “but is this RIGHT? Is this really what the card is trying to tell me?”
This activity is a way to subvert this pattern. Pull a card and specifically intend to interpret it with ‘wrong answers only.’ Brainstorm and let yourself get as wild and silly as possible when imagining what the ‘wrong’ way to interpret this card might be.

The most interesting thing about this activity is that maybe - just maybe, just sometimes - when you give yourself permission to receive the ‘wrong’ message from a card, it takes the pressure off so that it is easier to find the truth of what a card means for you in this moment.

As with all of the lessons we’ve shared in this series, there’s SO much more that could be said here! But we shall leave it here for now.

That’s it - this concludes the final lesson in this series!

It has been a pleasure to have you along as we’ve shared this Expansion Pack email course. Within the next week or so we will add all the lessons onto our blog at for you to reference if you missed any.

We hope this free mini-course has given you some interesting activities to try as you fortify your own relationship to your cards!

Sending wishes for spaciousness.