About the Expansion Pack

AT LAST! The Expansion Pack is available!

Due to printing complication, there is slight variation in the card backs. If you purchased your tarot deck before August 2021, purchase the Expansion Pack to match your cards here

If you purchased your tarot deck between August 2021-May 2022, purchase the expansion pack to match your cards here.

This is really all you need to know but if you'd like more details we've gone into in depth at this link.


The Expansion Pack is a 21 card deck designed to accompany the Spacious Tarot.


The inspiration comes from an older card system, related to tarot, called minchiate. Minchiate decks contained the standard 78 tarot cards, plus extra cards for the four elements, the twelve zodiac signs, and some of the classic virtues.

Our pack includes the elements + zodiac signs, but instead of featuring the classical virtues of the older decks we've created our own cards that we feel better reflect modern values and the vibe of the Spacious Tarot.

You might choose to add the Expansion Pack to your existing Spacious Tarot deck and incorporate it into tarot readings. Or you might choose to use it on its own, more like an oracle deck. 

The deck includes a mini-guidebook with suggestions on how to use these new cards.


We do hope to get the new deck to some of our international stockists, but this will likely take a couple of months. Until fall 2022 the main place to purchase the Expansion Pack will be here at thespacioustarot.com.