About the Expansion Pack

We are very sad to share the Expansion Pack launch has been delayed.
Last week we emailed you to announce the Expansion Pack would be available to purchase as of April 7. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.

We've discovered that due to a printing error outside of our control, the decks we received have a major color grading issue. We want the Expansion Pack to blend seamlessly with the tarot deck and that sadly isn't possible with this error.

Deciding to postpone the launch is the most difficult thing we've ever faced as deck creators. But we feel that we need to honor the vision of the Expansion Pack, not only for ourselves but for the community that has built up around the Spacious Tarot realm.

We want to apologize to all of you who have been waiting so long and so patiently for these cards. We were beyond excited to bring them to you and we are heartbroken to delay.

This situation reminds us we are all human. In the first print run of the tarot deck, we as deck creators missed a spelling mistake on one of the cards. This time, the mistake was on our printer's side. It's always hard when these things happen, but we've worked with the same printer all along and developed a good relationship with them. We're all human and errors happen.

We are working with our printer to find a resolution. We are determined to bring this Expansion Pack into the world and we won't give up. Thank you for your understanding and support. We will share an update as soon as possible.


The Expansion Pack is a 21 card deck designed to accompany the Spacious Tarot.


The inspiration comes from an older card system, related to tarot, called minchiate. Minchiate decks contained the standard 78 tarot cards, plus extra cards for the four elements, the twelve zodiac signs, and some of the classic virtues.

The Spacious Tarot Expansion Pack includes 21 cards. The elements + zodiac signs are here, but instead of featuring the classical virtues of the older decks we've created our own cards that we feel better reflect modern values and the vibe of the Spacious Tarot.

You might choose to add the Expansion Pack to your existing Spacious Tarot deck and incorporate it into tarot readings. Or you might choose to use it on its own, more like an oracle deck. The pack comes with a guidebook to get you started!